Welcome to RevUp Action®!

The basic design of revolver hammers has not changed since 1909, when Charles Stone introduced a shifting point of engagement between the hammer and the trigger. Every improvement to revolver hammers since that time has been in manufacturing processes and in lightening the hammer.

While these improvements have been good, none of them have allowed trigger pulls to be as low as with the RevUp Action® hammer.

With the patent-pending RevUp Action® hammer, your trigger pull will get lighter as you pull through, until it is at the single-action trigger weight, before it lets off and the hammer falls forward. The single-action trigger pull weight is determined by the strength of the rebound spring, and can be from 2 1/2 to 5 pounds.

The RevUp Action® hammer is for double action only. We may add hammers with a hammer spur and single action feature later.

RevUp Action® hammers were developed to help the competitive and recreational target shooter. They are semi-drop-in parts, but may need minor fitting, in some cases, due to manufacturing variations in different firearms. We recommend that your gunsmith install these parts.

Factory hammer with factory springs
RevUp Action® hammer and factory springs
RevUp Action® hammer kit, set for Federal primers